Vikash Kalra


About the artist

Vikash is a new talent in the International art world. An enigma, he fits none of the definitions of an academic artist. Self-taught, he freely explores the ideas intrinsic to the work of those who inspire him. But like some of these masters, once a brush a pen or palette is in his hand, he begins his performance working at speed and with fluidity as he starts his journeys, throwing out images of things seen or glimpsed and spilling them onto the canvas. 

Some would call Vikash's paintings abstract or abstracted paintings. This is not strictly true and to consider them in this way would be to miss the essence of the offerings Kalra is inviting us to explore. A true abstract work refers to nothing other than itself. Abstracted images in a pure academic sense are attached to real things; to places, objects and people that exist in real time. 


Instead, in all of Kalra’s paintings we are invited to take the journey with the artist. Our eye is drawn across the canvas following the suggestion of trees, fauna and buildings that skit across the space. This is the journey that Vikash is creating for us as he remembers things seen, feelings, colours, smells and sounds. We are invited to enjoy but most importantly we are offered resting space. Somewhere across the painted surface, details become sparse and are reduced to brush strokes as Kalra allows us time to enjoy the journey. This becomes an interesting dichotomy as this would appear to be the opposite of how the artist produces, as he allows himself no time between this work and the next which is already lined up and ready to go. In this erratic and thought-filled exercise, by contrast, Kalra eases our journey for us as he skips over excess and leaves us with just enough.


Vikash Kalra is based in Delhi. His work has been widely exhibited across India and has forthcoming shows in Mumbai and in the UK. His work is held in private and corporate collections. 


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