Rajdev Nayak


about the artist

Nayak is a young artist who graduated in 2009 with a BFA and in 2011 with a MFA in Painting fromJamiaMilliaIslamiaUniversityinDelhi. He has since exhibited widely in group shows aroundIndiaand participated in a number of residencies.

artist statement:

The nine emotions - Shringaar, Love, Haasya (Humour), Karuna (Pathos), Rudra (Wrath), Veera (Chivalry), Bhayankam (Fear), Beebhasta (Abhorrence), Adbhuta (Wonder) and Shanti (Peace) play an important part in my work. Humour is integral. My work is distinguished by unlimited fantasies; I have tried to create emotions, moods, state of mind and dreams via symbolic style in my painting.

My work shows the “Sweet Bitter Symphony” in the daily lives of people, who have many desires. Few of these desires are good and few are bad. So the good desires show the ability of a person to do good and better things for oneself. But the desires show how their own needs harm themselves and other people.

I wanted to symbolise the emotion in a subjective manner rather than showing them in an objective manner. I have tried to represent the absolute truth of the people around me and it even includes myself. Abilities and disabilities have and hatred, feelings and sexual desires are a few of the subjects in my works.

 I have tried to explain that all kinds of characters are like - A common man, Children, Marriage Bandwallah, Musician, Lovers, day to day social or antisocial activities and disturbing elements also inspire me. I transform day to day fantasy and realities into my works. I also depicted where all the people (Thieves, Criminals etc.) will be tied together and then transformed into semi-animals devils. I transform day to day fantasy and realities into my works. I usually use acrylic colours as a medium and but I can use any form of medium confidently.