Art 18|21 embraces creative projects that involve other spaces, galleries, institutions and practitioners. Working primarily in India and Europe we have been collaborating with other arts professionals for the last decade. We find these types of projects most rewarding. 

We are keen to get involved in a range of activities. Some examples of this type of work include, collection management, curating exhibitions, running artist residencies, advising on Museum collections, adding to projects with interior designers, commissioning public artworks for new architect spaces and advising digital animators on inspiring new technology projects. As such our collaborative partners are not always fine-art based but come from a wide range of practitioners in the creative industries. 

Our partners have included Neuroscientists at UCL London, Bang & Olufsen, Christie's, FCML Delhi, The British Council, The Grosvenor Gallery, London, The Wildlife Trust of India, The SADACC Trust, UK and the October Gallery in London to name a few.

We are always interested to hear of new and exciting projects.