Modern and Contemporary Indian Art

18th & 19th Century art made in India



One of Art 18/21’s focus areas is in the secondary market in Modern and Contemporary South-Asian art. When we use the term secondary market this means that the artist may still be alive but the work has not come directly from them; the work has already been in a collection and is once again available.

We have a strong list of available works by some of the sought after artists and schools of art. Do contact us if there is a particular artist whose work you are interested in buying or selling.

We handle works from the 18th to the 21st Centuries, hence the name Art 18|21.

Every artwork that comes though Art 18/21 is fully scrutinised and will not handle fakes or copies. All artworks sold through us come with full provenance and documentation. In the Indian Art field there are many important works that for one reason or another do not have any paperwork or known history. This is one of our areas of excellence where we are able to research and though professional knowledge and expertise can help bring genuine artworks to their full market potential.