Jonathan Clarke 


About the artist

Born l961, from the age of sixteen Clarke served an apprenticeship under his father Geoffrey Clarke . Working primarily in sandcast aluminium from his studio inSuffolk Clarke  was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in l994. Without any preparatory drawings, the artist goes straight into the work, carving polystyrene into the components which make up the finished pieces. There is an immediacy and directness of approach reflected in the robust construction of the imagery. Clarke reflects that having being brought up within the artistic environment at home (instead of going through art school) has afforded him a sound appreciation of the workmanlike virtues of making sculpture. Powerful and compelling, his pieces are informed by current and social issues. The cool balance achieved is brought about as he recreates defences against the vulnerability felt when confronted by this seemingly overwhelming world. Clarke has undertaken many public commissions one of the artist's favourite pieces Twelve is in the collections of Trinity College, Cambridge University.