Anil Vangad



Warli paintings by Anil Vangad



The Warl tribes live in a rural area to the North of Mumbai. The word tribe is the term chosen by the group to describe themselves. Traditionally, the women paint the outside of the houses, which have a surface painted with cow dung (seen to be lucky) for special occasions such as a marriage ceremony, the birth of a child or to celebrate the harvest.  They paint images of the Warli World which extends from the Mountain range in the North to the River that provides food and transport for the tribe. On the buildings rice paste is mixed to produce a white paint that provides a vivid contrast to the dark dung. Bamboo sticks are used as brushes to produce lively images of the land, the people, the forests and the animals that live here.


For the Warlis, life is an ever renewing source of wonder and bounty which they tell us through their painted stories. Ancient rock paintings and carving in Bhimbhedka and Raisen are quite close to such tribal paintings.This art can be referenced in the rock shelters of the ancestors.


Through minimal line, Anil Vangad, a rising star from the Warli artists, brings to life the Warli world; we see people at work in the fields, in their homes, animals prowl in the forests and the mythical creatures weave their tales.


Anil has just returned from his first solo show in Paris.