Student Competition Winner - Taash Ke Patte

Congratulations to Megha Sinde winner of the Taash ke Patte student competition. A student at JNAFAU, Hyderabad, Telangana, Megha's winning artwork will be inserted into the collection featuring 54 of Indian's leading artists.  

Curator's note:

Megha Sinde - Deck of Three. This is a strong image, the object, confronts the viewer and stakes its claim, that it has a legitimacy. Looking closer we do not know what the object is. It has an element of time to it. The round faces are like those of a clock and the sepia-tone of the background suggests something that has the weight of time behind it. Looking closer we are not exactly sure what the objects reference. We can see three chapatis in the centre, possibly a stole to the left and a building to the right. These could be the basics of life, food, clothes, shelter. Intriguingly, the building has an institutional quality to it, possibly a University. Is education a basic right? Looking closer we can see the paper plate that the chapatis sit on. We are unsure of the medium, is it a painting, a photograph that has been digitally enhanced? The image beautifully plays with ambiguity, allowing the viewer to stop and think.

Laura Williams 2016

Calling All Art Students in India!!!

This is your chance to be part of the blockbusting exhibition Taash ke Patte.

Make the final artwork for the exhibition. The winning student piece will become part of the collection featuring 55 of India's leading artists including Anjolie Ela Menon, Vivan Sundaram, Gigi Scaria, Shilpa Gupta ...

Curated by Laura Williams Art 18|

Enter Now!! Open to all art students in India - closing date 11th March.…/doc-taash-ke-patte-student-…

GET CREATIVE, HAVE FUN ... the winning artwork will be placed into the exhibition at the British Council in Delhi and the image printed as part of a physical pack of playing cards Taash ke Patte alongside 55 of India's leading artists ....

Please forward to art departments and students in India!

Alec Cumming is chosen by the Indian art critics!

Young British artist Alec Cumming was selected as one to watch in a National Newspaper featuring art being exhibited at India's largest art extravaganza, The India Art Fair 2015 which took place at the beginning of 2015.

Alec's work was exhibited alongside India's leading artists; M F Husain, S H Raza, Ram Kumar, F N Souza and Manjit Bawa.